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A poem by h. j. Recinos in response to the school shooting in Florida on Ash Wednesday

after another school shooting
horror again swells sorrowing

hearts faster than any can say
the Lord’s name, more innocent

blood ran the halls in Florida on
Ash Wednesday to make the nation

fall into unearthed darkness, the
speechless religious leaders shiver

into pieces, and the naïve politicians
weep. we kneel now only to beg the

Lord to help us pray on this terrifying
parting day, to lift words so often said

in the recurring nightmare and break
the remembrance bread that has yet to

deliver comfort, life and peace for those
left by the beloved dead. today, people

on every shore around the globe join the
wailing, churches are filled to the rafters

with tears, and not one hymn or steeple
filled with resonant prayer can lift the

cup of life to our lips. tell us explainers
of heavenly things for the sake of children

and the lost when will evil curve to the
fiery lake, and vanish?

h. j. Recinos
author of Breathing Space (Wipf and Stock, 2017)