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John Driver, Radical Disciple

Christian spirituality does not consist of a life of contemplation instead of action, nor of withdrawal instead of full participation in the social order. Rather, Christian spirituality is the experience of every dimension of human life being oriented around and animated by the very Spirit of Jesus. [1]  To be “spiritual” is to live every […]

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Home, Mission Field and the Great Commission: Ukrainian Evangelicals between Political and Missional Responsibilities

1. Ukraine under attack The 24th of February 2022 will forever mark one of the most important historic dates for Ukraine. On this day Russia invaded Ukraine with more than 100.000 troops and started an evil war against her Slavic neighbor with whom they share a millennium of common history. Now people are dying, soldiers, […]

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Comunidad Anabautista en México participa en la búsqueda de personas desaparecidas

La Comunidad Anabautista del Camino estuvo involucrada en la VI Brigada Nacional de Búsqueda de Desaparecidos que se realizó en el estado de Morelos en México, desde el 9 de octubre hasta el 4 de diciembre de 2021. Como iglesia estuvimos presente en diferentes actividades de la Brigada, acompañando espiritualmente a las buscadoras y buscadores […]

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Lies, Fakes, and Deception in Political Discourse—Can Christians Join In?

War has been raging in Ukraine for days. Russia has invaded the country, supposedly only to assist the breakaway areas of Ukraine, the so-called People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. In truth, the entire country is already in a state of war. What was and is being sold to the world as a peacekeeping mission […]

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