Calls for submissions

The editor makes a public call for each issue of the journal, soliciting submissions that facilitate meaningful exchange among peoples from around the world, across professions, and from a variety of genres (sermons, photo-essays, interviews, biographies, poems, academic papers, etc.). Questions or comments about the journal’s print or online content may be directed to the editor.

For past and present calls for submissions, please use the following links:

Currently accepting submissions

Witness in Palestine and Israel


Closed and past calls for submissions

Mission and Peace in Ethiopia (Volume 11, issue 1)

New Anabaptist Communities  (Volume 10, issue 2)

Mission and Education (Volume 10, issue 1)

Misión y educación (Volume 10, issue 1)

Mission and Health (Volume 9, issue 2)

Misión y salud (Volume 9, issue 2)

Formation and Witness (Volume 9, issue 1)

Formación y Testimonio (Volumen 9, edición 1)

Formation et témoignage (Volume 9, numéro 1)

Mission and Protest Movements (Volume 8, issue 2)

Movimientos de Protesta Globales (Volumen 8, edición 2)

Worship and Witness (Volume 8, issue 1)

Culto y testimonio (Volumen 8, edición 1)

Displacement: Land, Indigenous Peoples, Mission. (Volume 7, issue 2)

Desplazamiento: Pueblos indígenas, Tierra y Misión. (Volumen 7, edición 2)

Déplacés : Peuples autochtones, terre, et mission.  (Volume 7, issue 2)

Omnibus (Volume 7, issue 1)

Omnibus (Volumen 7, edición 1)

Mission and Migration (Volume 6, issue 2)

Mision y Migración (Volumen 6, edición 2)

Mission in Conflict Zones (Volume 6, issue 1)

The Mission of God and Global Partnerships (Volume 5, issue 2)

Ecology and Mission (Volume 5, issue 1)

Suffering and Mission (Volume 4, issue 2)

Sufrimiento y misíon (Volume 4, issue 2)

Following the Holy Spirit in Mission (Volume 4, issue 1)

Gender and Mission (Volume 3, issue 2)

Evangelism and/or Social Justice (Volume 3, issue 1)

Taste and See: Anabaptism, Food, and Mission (Volume 2, issue 2)

Anabaptist Mission and Theology of Religions (Volume 2, issue 1)

Anabaptist Identities in a Changing World (Volume 1, issue 1)