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Possible Treatment for the Allergy to Missions

Hippolyto Tshimanga from Mennonite Church Canada began his session at Mennonite World Conference with an anecdote about a friend who has an “allergy to missions.” I have to admit I found myself getting a little irritated just listening. Indeed, I was having an allergic reaction. Having recently returned home from Mennonite World Conference, I saw […]

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The Global Church Challenges North Americans to Move beyond Negative Associations with Mission

The following is an excerpt from Nelson Kraybill‘s Schrag Lecture at Messiah College on March 26, 2015. The Lecture was titled “Alternating Currents and Multi-Directional Ministry: Global Anabaptism and its Challenge to the North American Church.” The full transcript will be published in Brethren in Christ History and Life journal in the fall.  Growth of the […]

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