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Mission & Health

The gospels portray physical healing as a central component of Jesus’s ministry, and the Acts of the Apostles and the epistles suggest that healing was important in the early church. Caring for and restoring the integrity of the body is, in these New Testament examples, a sign of creation’s renewal and the arrival of God’s reign. Even when Christians have lost sight of this precedent, emphasizing instead an otherworldly salvation of the disembodied soul, the ministry of healing has rarely been completely discarded. This issue of Anabaptist Witness explores the place of healing in the church’s conception of its purpose and task.

October 2022

Book review by Loren Johns

Ted Grimsrud, To Follow the Lamb: A Peaceable Reading of the Book of Revelation

Book review by Matthew Peterson

Ryan S. Schellenberg, Abject Joy: Paul, Prison, and the Art of Making Do

Book review by Lucille Marr

Richard Lougheed, Menno’s Descendants in Quebec: The Mission Activity of Four Anabaptist Groups 1956–2021

Book review by Noemi Vega Quiñones

Felipe Hinojosa, Apostles of Change: Latino Radical Politics, Church Occupations, and the Fight to Save the Barrio

Book review by Anicka Fast

John M. Janzen, Harold F. Miller, and John C. Yoder, eds., Mennonites and Post-Colonial African Studies

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Everydayness in Mission Theory

1. Everydayness – a concept conquers the academic world In recent years, academic discussion in the social sciences has focused strongly on the concept of the ordinariness of human existence. In this context, everydayness is understood to be a “common, everyday occurrence characterized by nothing extraordinary” or even an “everyday process.”[2]  Even more, it is […]

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They are so sad because they have no friends

The Flag Says Everything At the beginning of July, I visited Poland with a WEA staff member with the aim of getting to know a bit better the refugee work of the Slavic Protestant congregations in the country. Among others, we met the newly married couple Natasha and Ivan.  Both fled from Belarus to Poland […]

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To Love Your Enemy, You Need Grace

How to Relate to Enemies the Jesus Way? Evangelical Christians are quick to pull out the golden rule of proper behavior. “What would Jesus say?” is that rule. In times of war, however, the rule seems not to apply for the vast majority of Christians. Christians turn instead to just war theory, enroll in the […]

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Palomas arcoíris: hacia una misión anabautista-queer latinoamericana

Estamos en el mes del Orgullo LGBTIQA+ y como anabautistas es importante que podamos celebrar y acompañar bien a las personas que pertenecen a esta comunidad en nuestras iglesias desde nuestra particularidad religiosa. Este ha sido un año histórico para las luchas de las personas LGBTIQA+ dentro de la tradición Anabautista. Se aprobó la resolución […]

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Sembrando Esperanza

Sembrando Esperanza es el nombre de la organización donde tengo la oportunidad de colaborar. Es una institución con principios anabautistas que realiza su trabajo en Guatemala para comunidades q’eqchi’s que habitan las montañas altas y húmedas de Alta Verapaz, región donde se cultiva frijol, maíz, café, té, cardamomo, lo cual se hace de forma artesanal. […]

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