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Why Spain?: Rationale for European Missions

Josh and Alisha Garber are Mennonite Mission Network workers who have served in Lithuania and are making the transition to a new ministry in Barcelona . “Why Spain” is the question provoked in the title. Why indeed?  The following blog post and accompanying video are a reflection on the meaning of mission work internationally and […]

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Cultural Exchange and Applied Anabaptism: A Journey From Indonesia to the USA

We, as Anabaptists, should place Jesus Christ at the center of our faith, community at the center of our lives, and reconciliation at the center of our work.1 As part of the Anabaptist community in Indonesia, I want to be able to implement these three key principles in my own life, though it is often […]

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Effective strategies for building missional churches: lessons learned in multicultural mission collaboration

This article is an adaptation of a Plenary Presentation the author gave at for the Council of International Anabaptist Ministries in Columbus Ohio, January 2016. Lessons from Multi-Cultural Missions Collaboration For about two centuries, Western missions operated on a paradigm that can be described as “from the West to the rest.” In this paradigm, I […]

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