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Mission in Conflict Zones

Anabaptists around the world are engaged in costly mission in conflict zones. Some of these Anabaptists face the threat of death, kidnapping, and rape. The articles in this issue of Anabaptist Witness show that many living and working in conflict zones find Anabaptist and Mennonite theology a helpful aide to their understanding and practice of Christian mission—and, furthermore, that Anabaptist and Mennonite theology is changing in response to the realities of mission in these contexts. Articles treat mission in Yemen, Syria, the West Bank, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Colombia, and Chile.

April 2019

Academic article by Peter Wigginton

Los Acuerdos de Paz en Colombia y la Iglesia

Available in English

Book review by Randy Haluza-DeLay

Andrew Cheon and Johannes Urpelainen, Activism and the Fossil Fuel Industry

Book review by Jamie Pitts

Joanna Shenk, The Movement Makes Us Human: An Interview with Dr. Vincent Harding on Mennonites, Vietnam, and MLK

Book review by Henry Krause

Emma Battell Lowman and Adam J. Barker, Settler: Identity and Colonialism in 21st Century Canada

Book review by Sarah Augustine

Walter Sawatsky, Going Global with God as Mennonites for the 21st Century

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How I Learned to Love the Government

I grew up in a Mennonite church, attended a Mennonite college, and graduated from a Mennonite seminary. Along the way I was indoctrinated with the classic Anabaptist perspective that governments—with their use of coercive power and violence—are for the unredeemed, but that true Christians dedicate their lives to the service of the church: a counter-government […]

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Global Partnerships and Shared Gifts

The following is an excerpt from a piece by César García (Mennonite World Conference) and David Wiebe (International Community of Mennonite Brethren), originally published in The Church in Mission, edited by Victor Wiens (MB Mission). Thanks to Vic we are able to present the full article online. In addition to this excerpt on sharing gifts, the authors […]

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Intersectional Transgressions

Below is an excerpt from a longer reflection by Mennonite pastor and Anabaptist Witness book reviews co-editor Isaac Villegas on the open letter he and other participants in the 2018 Hope for the Future conference sent to members of Mennonite Church USA. As the letter states, “Hope for the Future gatherings bring together leaders of color from across […]

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Dilemmes pédagogiques dans l’Église mondiale : Poursuite de la réflexion sur le pouvoir et le privilège en rapport avec la scolarisation des enfants de missionnaires et les subsidies coloniaux au Congo belge

To read this post in English, click here. Ce numéro du journal Anabaptist Witness contient mon article « Enfants sacrés et subsides coloniaux chez les missionnaires des Frères mennonites : La manifestation de la séparation raciale au Congo belge, 1946-1959 ». Une version anglaise de cet article a été publiée dans le journal Missiology : An International Review[1]. La traduction […]

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Pedagogical Dilemmas in the Global Church: Reflecting on Power and Privilege in Relation to Colonial Subsidies and the Education of Missionaries’ Children in the Belgian Congo

Pour la version française de cet article, veuillez cliquez ici. This issue of Anabaptist Witness includes the publication of my article “Enfants sacrés et subsides coloniaux chez les missionnaires des Frères mennonites : La manifestation de la séparation raciale au Congo belge, 1946-1959.” An English version of this article previously appeared in the journal Missiology: An International […]

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