Issue 1: Worship and Witness

To witness is to observe a statement or action or to profess one’s religious beliefs. We can witness God’s work in the world or humans’ good and harmful deeds. We can proclaim our beliefs, in words and actions, to one another within and beyond our faith communities.

Issue 2: Mission and Protest

November 2021

In 1967 Vincent Harding challenged a Mennonite World Conference audience to follow Jesus by joining the protest movements that were then spreading around the world. As we experience another period of massive global protest, how might the church take up Harding's invitation today? What does it mean to consider protest as part of the church's mission? This issue explores these questions through poetry, philosophy, theology, and history, with discussions of raising children at protests, a group of American missionaries who came to protest their country's war in Vietnam, and recent protests in Colombia.