Volume 6

Issue 1: Mission in Conflict Zones

April 2019

Anabaptists around the world are engaged in costly mission in conflict zones. Some of these Anabaptists face the threat of death, kidnapping, and rape. The articles in this issue of Anabaptist Witness show that many living and working in conflict zones find Anabaptist and Mennonite theology a helpful aide to their understanding and practice of Christian mission—and, furthermore, that Anabaptist and Mennonite theology is changing in response to the realities of mission in these contexts. Articles treat mission in Yemen, Syria, the West Bank, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Colombia, and Chile.

Issue 2: Mission & Migration

December 2019

To talk about migration is to talk about identity, both individual identity and the collective identities of communities of faith. Forced migration characterized and shaped the early Anabaptist movement—a movement created, in part, to ensure religious freedom and the ability to practice faith as separate communities. This pattern of movement, originally meant to support a closed community, has resulted in a migration of theology, growing missions movements, and the spread of Anabaptism across the world.