Volume 5

Issue 1: Mission & Creation

April 2018

In the midst of the ominous message that we are careening toward destruction, there are signs of hope everywhere in acts large and small that people are taking to mitigate the effects of climate change and restore damaged lands. Essays in this issue of Anabaptist Witness explore and propose some of these hopeful acts: community gardens in the Netherlands and Syria, environmental activism in the UK, the carbon impact of mission agency travel, and imaginative speech about God and the environment shaped by dialogue with indigenous communities and embracing "wildness" in one's soul.

Issue 2: The Mission of God and Global Partnerships

October 2018

Mission partnerships must address historical sins, financial limitations, and theological differences. In spite of the difficulties, we remain drawn into partnerships by friendship and mutual need, by overlapping history and vision, and, ultimately, by the Holy Spirit. Partnerships are difficult—but how good and pleasant it is to dwell in unity (Ps 133:1)! This issue of Anabaptist Witness collects papers on global mission partnerships from the 2018 Council of International Anabaptist Ministries Plenary, as well as a selection of additional articles on the theme.