Volume 3

Issue 2: Engendering Mission

December 2016

Through strategy, organization, and subversion, women have proven time and again that the Holy Spirit gifts individuals, regardless of gender, with the power to teach, preach, and minister to others. In this issue you will find stories of courageous individuals determined to share the gospel. Their legacies and the challenges they put forth provide us with much to draw on as we consider gender in our changing contexts, and what it means to bear the good news.

Issue 1: What is Mission? Evangelism, Justice, and Beyond

April 2016

What is Christian mission? Is it verbally sharing the gospel in order to convert non-believers? Is it social justice ministry aimed at realizing God's shalom on earth as it is in heaven? Is it some mixture of both, or something else entirely? Contributors to the current issue of Anabaptist Witness engage these crucial questions through theological, biblical, and personal reflections on ministry in a wide variety of settings. While most contributors agree that mission involves all of life, disagreements are evident over the specific shape of mission practice. Still, there seems to be an emerging consensus that mission involves vulnerable encounters with others. We hope that this issue will help you answer the question, What is mission?