Volume 2

Issue 2: Taste and See: Anabaptism, Food, and Mission

November 2015

In the beginning God created. This chef of all things cooked up a feast of earth, plants that grow fruit, and beings to enjoy and care for this abundance. And God called these creations good. We are the custodians of this good earth.

Every meal we eat we are connected with those who dreamed up the recipes, nurtured the soil, picked and washed and shipped the goods, and sold the ingredients to us in our markets and stores. From the bread we break at the Lord’s Supper, to the potlucks we share and the cookbooks we produce, our interaction with food connects us with our creator and sustainer, and to individuals living around the world.

Taste and see what God is up to around the world by engaging this latest issue of Anabaptist Witness, which includes original poetry, calligraphy, paintings, reflections and more.

Issue 1: Anabaptist Mission and Theology of Religions

April 2015

Consideration of the church's missional constitution and context lead to the claim that interaction with religious others is a necessary element of Anabaptist witness. But what does this interaction look like? What should it look like? What resources do Christian theology and missiology offer as guides to understanding and engaging other religions? The essays in this issue of Anabaptist Witness offer various responses to these questions, questions that make up the field of the "theology of religions."