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Serving Colombia from Indonesia

I am grateful that I was born and raised in Indonesia, the world’s largest island country situated in Southeast Asia near Malaysia and the Philippines. Growing up, I always thought missionaries were mostly white people from the United States, Canada, or Europe; I never realized someone from Asia could serve God in this way. However, […]

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When You Feed the Hungry, Miracles Occur: Part three of three.

In the first two blogposts (part 1 and part 2) in this series, you have learned of some of the ministries of Teusaquillo Mennonite Church in Bogotá, Colombia, and how this congregation has been willing to get out in the streets and share with others. In this final article in the series, I will share […]

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When You Feed the Hungry, Miracles Occur: Part two of three.

Last week I shared with you (here) how Teusaquillo Mennonite Church acted on a call to feed the homeless and make a statement about hunger and national priorities in Colombia, resulting in the miracle of feeding the hungry in the skidrow area called the Cartucho (later called the Bronx). This ministry has blessed many, and […]

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When You Feed the Hungry, Miracles Occur: Part one of three

When you feed the hungry, miracles occur. This is what happened to Jacob’s family when the land of Canaan suffered from famine, for God had prepared a divine solution through Joseph, Jacob’s son and God’s servant. This is what happened when Jesus fed the multitudes in Galilee, starting with a very modest packed lunch from […]

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Journal Article

Academic article by Elizabeth Miller

“Just as I don’t know how many times I eat”

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In anticipation of Anabatist Witness’ next issue theme “Taste and See: Anabaptist, Food, and Mission”, to be released later this month, we’re offering up a treat of a blog post from former Seed volunteer Amy Eanes, who reflects on the spiritual goodness of preparing a tradtional Chocoano dish. We hope this whets your appetite as […]

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